I was nearly run off the road and it was my fault. I flipped the guy the finger. I looked at him across the lanes of highway traffic, looked him right in the eye, and mouthed the words my finger was already saying. And it nearly got me killed. Something had to change. I had to find a way to avoid my anger controlling my behavior, my life.

I was deep into writing the first draft of my book A Skeleton Key To Twin Peaks and, for research, I was reading David Lynch’s book on TM Catching The Big Fish

The dictionary definition of Empathy is: The imaginative projection or capacity for participating in another’s feelings or ideas.

I’m not going to spoil Twin Peaks for you if you’ve never watched it before, but I am going to crack the egg a little. Sorry, but it’s necessary to tell you what I want to tell you about in this piece. Twin Peaks is a television show that aired on ABC from April 1990 through June 1991; fourteen months it took a single show to change TV forever. The secret of Who Killed Laura Palmer? is very terrible when you…

JB Minton Talks About His Book “Ey Up! An American Engages With This Is England”

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What is This Is England?

This Is England is a comedic love story that takes some very dark turns, but it’s not just a romantic story about lovers. It’s a story about how the love of friends, families, and a community can overcome trauma from even the most sinister violence.

This Is England is a British drama series that started as a film in 2006. It’s a deceptively simple narrative that takes place in the Midlands of England. Our characters live in a town that isn’t named but seems to be a hybrid of a couple of places. One of them is a central city…

This is a short plea for you to consider watching the CW show Superman & Lois. I’m going to make the call that this is my second favorite vision of Superman since Christopher Reeve starred in the Richard Donner vision back in the late 70s and early 80s. The first gift this new and unique vision of Superman yields is the star, Tyler Hoechlin. He played McReynolds in Richard Linklater’s underappreciated masterpiece, Everybody Wants Some, one of my favorite films of all time. …

Returnal was released in May 2021 as a PS5 Exclusive. It retails at $70.

I play a lot of Destiny and have since 2014. I haven’t skipped a week of playing Destiny in almost seven years, until this week after I started to understand how to play the game Returnal. What follows is a brief exposition on why it’s one of my most favorite video games that I’ve ever played.


You run fast. Jump with X and, while you’re in the air from a jump, you hit the circle button, and you do a wonderful little dash with a light beam behind you. I wish I could do this in real life. …

Thank your for this wonderful article. I will be including it in my "Learn More About TM" collection for people how ask me about the practice.

I have a baker’s dozen words to justify why you should spend sixteen hours of your valuable time, meted out in thirty-minute increments, to watch thirty-two episodes of the Funny or Die comedy that IMDB describes as being about:

A famous major league baseball announcer who suffers an embarrassing and very public meltdown live on the air after discovering his beloved wife’s serial infidelity decides to reclaim his career and love life in a small town a decade later.

Here are those words, in no order of importance: Redemption | Glory | Drugs| Baseball | Sex | Jacket | Love…

When it comes to writing software, I’ve used almost all of the biggies, and I have plenty of opinions. As an independent publisher, I am responsible for writing the books as well as designing and formatting the page layouts and structure that become the creative design file that goes to my publisher for printing and my ebook distributors for digital distribution. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ve learned enough to make progress on producing some pretty dope books so far.

If you’ve read my book A Skeleton Key To Twin Peaks (available for free as a PDF…

Why Cinema Is About To Get Much Better

Photo by Author JB Minton

In December 2020 Warner Brothers announced that all 17 of its releases slated for 2021 will be co-released in both theaters and streaming on the HBOMax platform (which Warner Media owns). This is a dramatic disruption from the ancient model of a studio financing a film and then holding it for a specific release date where a certain number of theater locations would feature the film and all the ticket sales would produce not only revenue but a clear understanding of which films sold and which flopped (and hence which type of film to make more of to keep…

Utopia Avenue accomplishes one of the hardest tasks that any artist can take upon themselves, to create Art that is about creating Art which doesn’t become professorial and cold. For a novelist, that means telling a story on multiple levels. Utopia Avenue is The Hero’s Journey of an English band in the late 1960s that evolves from individual artists, with little more than talent and ambition, to a fully functional artistic machine at the top of their game on stage in San Francisco, just before the door to Hippie Love and Freedom gets slammed shut at Altamont, making way for…

JB Minton

Author of “A Skeleton Key To Twin Peaks” & Creator of the In Our House Now & Red Room Podcasts. I write about television, peaceful living, & human freedom.

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